The Blog is Moving

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Up until now I had two different blogs; one for serious business and one just for fun. I will now be incorporating them into the same blog.

Here it is:


Tim Cooley

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Tim Cooley is a good friend of mine who is also an Atheist, also 15 and also has a blog that looks exactly like mine. I write about pure and simple logic while Tim mostly covers science related things. Here is his blog: And here is an interesting video of his in which he introduces himself and his blog:

The Fallacy of Psychic Abilities

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This ties directly into my previous blog; it is one of the fundamental bases for an intellectual life to question the information presented to you. And I, having done this, have found in my opinion that horoscopes, mind readers, mystics, miracles, and the whole lot of psychic and supposedly supernatural phenomenon to be entirely ludicrous.

You may have noticed I have used a few videos from a man named Derren Brown. I will continue to show you a variety of his videos because he possess certain knowledge and presents his knowledge in an entertaining way which explains mystical experiences through a rational psychological explanation and I think will always shock and amaze you.

Prepare to be educated on the insidious method of “cold-reading”.


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Have you ever gotten that special spiritual feeling? Ever felt like your God or whatever it is you worship is just giving you a big hug on the inside? Have you felt like you’ve been possessed with a demon? Or had one exercised from you? Have you ever gotten that feeling where you know you had been “saved”? Or when a spirit enters you? Have you ever felt a spirit talking to you? Have you ever witnessed a “miracle”? Have you ever seen God speak through someone? Do you ever put your complete trust or faith in some super-natural being? Have you always seen the super-natural or paranormal as an explanation of what you don’t understand? Did you know there’s another cause to all these things? Yes, it’s called science. To see the scientific explanation of things, which all things have, skepticism must be applied. There is no intellectualism in faith, which is the opposite of skepticism. And there is no intellectualism without skepticism, which is the critical questioning of the information presented to you.

That program claims to use no actors or stooges. Feel free to question the validity of that, that’s actually the whole point. But also consider that all the things shown in those videos can be explained through psychology. The same techniques are being used everywhere, all the time . They have been used on you as well, they have been used on all of us and will continue to be the rest of our lives. But the question is…will you question them when they strike next? Will you be faithful or skeptical?


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Also, don’t forget that I have another blog that focuses on humor and such rather than being all serious like this one. Here is the link:

A great thanks to all my usual viewers and even those who are just popping in, this would be worthless without you.

A Case for Anarchy

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> I have a consciousness

> Existence exists

> I can know nothing else besides these three things with certainty

>I choose to interpret these things and their implications through a method of noncontradiction, A is A; this is reason

Before I dive into the matter of Anarchy you must first understand what I see as moral.

As my fundamental choice, I choose reason to be my highest value, I decide that whatever is rational is also what is moral. Morality can never be irrational, rationality can never be immoral. If they did oppose, I would rather be rational than moral.

And what is rationality? The first step in reaching the conclusion that I have in morality is the realization of what is knowable. Then evaluating what are the direct and noncontradictory implications of said things.

Some who are used to the ways of society may find the following statement a stretch. That selfishness is consistantly a virtue. Why? You, having the ability to feel your own happiness and pleasure have from thence a rational(moral) obligation to yourself to pursue it to the best of your ability. You may already do this whether you think so or not. You are selfless on Earth to achieve access to heaven or something of the sort. The only true selfless person is one that will do so in expectation of being sent to hell for it. That person would also be extremely irrational.

Evolutionists are often blamed for being immoral because we are simply animals with the morals of such. This is a false stereotype; most evolutionists believe in the same system of selflessness as creationists do.  But I actually am an evolutionary moralist, I believe in survival of the fittest.

Now, after reading what you have so far you may be automatically turning yourself off to any convincing of my system, one without government. Thinking that I want everyone to be crooks and killers abiding by the laws of the jungle. So this is now a good time to reveal to my theory.

You may have heard of many different forms of supposed Anarchisism; Anarcho-Syndicalist and Anarcho-Capitalist, among many others. But there is only one true Anarchy and there are two stages of this one form. The first I call Base-Anarchy. In Base-Anarchy it is the law of the jungle, it is what primitive Earth-life has been using all it’s time here. Base-Anarchy is what people usually think of when they think of Anarchy. In Base-Anarchy—based on my principle of self-interest—I will kill you and take your money. It seems hopeless…but there is another step. The higher stage of Anarchy I call Civil-Anarchy. They are actually exactly the same except we have wised up a bit. I, still acting in my self-interest, want to kill you…but am unable to do so because you–also acting on your self-interest—pay someone else—who also is acting on THEIR self-interest—to stop me from doing so. This, being universally applied, would create just as much and more order than any government could provide; it is the beauty of the free-market.

Why is it when government takes something that isn’t theirs against the will of the owner it’s called taxation but when I do it’s called theft?

Why is it when the government takes a life without the persons consent it’s called war but when I do it’s called murder?

You see, government is the idea that so long as I wright it on a piece of paper and say it’s official, I can do anything to you I want.

Anarchy isn’t always perfect, there’s a difference between a Base-Anarchy like in Somalia and a Civil-Anarchy. In fact, I see government as a failed Anarchy; one in which a mob took over and brainwashed the masses into blindly following it.

A New Blog!

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Just so you know, I am completely split into two different sides; the militant intellectual and friendly goof-ball. So I thought it was about time I made a blog for that side of me.

Here it is:

I really hope you find it entertaining.

And my apologies for not posting in a while, I got lazy, which is unlike me. But another will be up soon.