A Righteous God is Impossible.

For the purpose of this argument the definition of righteous and evil don’t even have to be explained, as long as they are opposites and you agree that evil exists in the world, these are the basic premises.

The next premise which brings the first conclusion is that you believe God is not God unless God has the power to stop evil. If it does not, I don’t know why you would call it God.

The first conclusion is that God is either unable or unwilling to stop evil..or both.

The usual rebuttal to this reasoning is that free-will is what causes evil but God, in fact, would be committing more evil by not giving it to us.

My re-rebuttal to that is..Free will? What is free will? Free will is logically impossible. Whether you believe that some kind of spirit inside of us causes our thoughts or, like a rational person, that it comes from a natural coarse of chemical reactions in your brain; you still will, by rationality, come to the conclusion that we MUST think what we think, due to a bound process. If a God created every little bit of the universe in it’s place and in it’s motions at the beginning, he would also be setting the coarse for the future, actually making our thoughts for us, that is, deciding to do evil.

The grand conclusion is that a righteous God is impossible.

Then also ask yourself this classic question which you always dismiss or give some pitiful excuse: Would a just God send someone to hell? Can you honestly tell me that simply not believing in God is enough of an offense to burn in eternal hellfire? If your answer is yes, I think you have a horrible, psychotic, anti-social mental condition and have serious potential of unspeakable acts of violence and other evils against society.


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