Faith Means Making a Virtue Out of Not Thinking.

The thing that has caused the single most evil through out humanity’s reign on Earth has been the act of “evasion”, the simple choice to not think, the choice to surrender your mind to another and proceed without questioning. Doubt is humble, and that’s what humanity needs now, because without it faith has people think that they have all the answers, that they know what is right because their God tells them so. And because there really isn’t any God telling them what to do, that void is filled by people; brainwashing, religious nut-cases. Skepticism is critical to finding the truth, without it we become gullible zombies inseverable from the will of our equally mindless sheep herders.

Faith is opposite of reason and free-thought, It’s religion’s tool of holding on to your mind, forbid you ever think for yourself. Here’s what a Christian said to me after I proved through logic that the nature of a God he believed was impossible: “It doesn’t matter cause you can’t understand God, it’s like an ant trying to think about a human”. This is a classic and commonly-used defense by many different religions and it is also a classic showcase of evasion. An answer like this could not possibly be satisfactory for a logical person; to base our beliefs off of what we don’t know rather than what we do is to have ignorance as our religious base–not the simple acknowledgement of ignorance like an Agnostic, but the actually worshiping of ignorance.


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