Either We Grow-up or Die.

How long is it going to take before we finally start learning from the mistakes of the past? It has been joked with that religion is like a children’s game, believing in an imaginary friend. But it is so much worse than that. Many of the people with these irrational beliefs are powerful leaders and influential world-players. History has consistently shown us the horrible price of putting  superstitious psychopaths in control over the masses. Through years and years of wars, ethnic cleansings, scourges, slavery, torturings, witch hunts, imprisonments, atrocities and unspeakable genocides, all in the name of religion, it seems we still must place the trust of our well-being in the hands of madmen who decide the fate of many with tactics equivalent of reading the entrails of a chicken.

behead_child.jpg - 14870 Bytes

The Burning Times - an engraving by Jan Luyken of women being burned as witches or heretics by rosewithoutathorn84.

Members of almost all major religions have supposedly been called upon and justified by their God and dogma to commit the most unthinkable acts everyday since their rise to power. And the less powerful, who want their name heard, may resort to just as horrible of acts.

Religion has done more evil and destruction than any other of man’s inventions and soon, during this nuclear age, if enough is not said about it, we may not be around to say anything else.

So if we are to some-day look back on history from a time entranced by the barren and deathly after-math of far reaching nuclear holocaust; let it be known that it was due to the extremely unfortunate coincidence of gaining the ability to induce mass destruction, before we got over the neurological disorder of wishing for it.

So there it is people; grow-up or die.


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