Have you ever gotten that special spiritual feeling? Ever felt like your God or whatever it is you worship is just giving you a big hug on the inside? Have you felt like you’ve been possessed with a demon? Or had one exercised from you? Have you ever gotten that feeling where you know you had been “saved”? Or when a spirit enters you? Have you ever felt a spirit talking to you? Have you ever witnessed a “miracle”? Have you ever seen God speak through someone? Do you ever put your complete trust or faith in some super-natural being? Have you always seen the super-natural or paranormal as an explanation of what you don’t understand? Did you know there’s another cause to all these things? Yes, it’s called science. To see the scientific explanation of things, which all things have, skepticism must be applied. There is no intellectualism in faith, which is the opposite of skepticism. And there is no intellectualism without skepticism, which is the critical questioning of the information presented to you.

That program claims to use no actors or stooges. Feel free to question the validity of that, that’s actually the whole point. But also consider that all the things shown in those videos can be explained through psychology. The same techniques are being used everywhere, all the time . They have been used on you as well, they have been used on all of us and will continue to be the rest of our lives. But the question is…will you question them when they strike next? Will you be faithful or skeptical?


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